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Shoulder Pain Gone in 3 Treatments!

All I can say is that I should have seen Dr. Pietila sooner! I have suffered with chronic shoulder symptoms for 3 years. After talking to several co-workers about their amazing results I scheduled an appointment online to see if Dr. Pietila could help me. I was shocked to find out that the cause of my chronic shoulder pain was due to a chronic infection that was causing inflammation in the connective tissues in my shoulder. Dr. Pietila used muscle testing to find the correct herbal medicine to address the infection. He also used his chiropractic skills to adjust the shoulder and I had full range of motion for the first time in 3 years! I followed his diet recommendations and took the herbal medicine as directed. After fours weeks of care and only 3 visits, my shoulder pain is gone and my strength has come back! I thought that surgery was the only remaining option for me but thanks to Dr. Pietila I have my life back!

John S. Houghton, MI

Houghton’s Chiropractic and Wellness Center

In today’s world there is no longer room for ineffective treatments and out-dated models of patient care. Patients are expecting that their doctor offers them health solutions to address the cause of their health challenges, not just remove their symptoms. If the check engine light comes on in your car, are you the kind of person who wants to know what is causing that problem? Or do you want to ignore the problem, turn off the light, and hope you can get a little further down the road? CoreWellness Chiropractic and Natural Medicine is dedicated to serving those who are motivated to address the cause of their health issues and want to overcome their challenges.

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